For almost 20 years the Scholer family has been serving food and great times in our community. Doc’s is our version of Southern hospitality and fun Southern food. We take pride in helping you have fun. Whether it’s watching your favorite sports team, celebrating your grandmother’s 80th birthday, hosting your kid’s Little League team party, helping with a charity event, or just kicking back and having a few cold ones while enjoying a live band, we want to be a part of it.

From the teenager working her first job at the host stand, the seasoned line cook or the regular bar guest to the first-time diner or the employee who first punched the clock back in 2004, we are family. We love you all, and we are nothing without YOU.

We are constantly evolving and striving to put out a better product. Our success comes from great ideas and lessons learned from bad ones. Thank you for understanding that we’re human and don’t always get it right, but we’ll fall all over ourselves to fix it. Thanks for sticking with us – it’s been a hell of a ride. We hope you enjoy yourself!

Welcome to Doc’s!